265 of 365

Max Kurzweil – “Lady in Yellow” 1899


I fan about

Without much to do

A small fish in a even smaller pond

Limited but lovely

Containing unfathomable depths

Unfashionable for a woman to discuss

I’ve allowed myself to be caught and kept

A trophy on display

Luxury is my reward for my silence

264 of 365

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska – “Sophie Brzeska” 1913


My thoughts shimmer like the aurora borealis

Just below my surface

I can feel them creep across my brain like electric spiders, throwing switches, lighting up lobes

So close to spilling out of my eyes, my mouth, my limbs

I sit here silent, still

Hoping they will pass unexpressed

263 of 365

Kurt Arrigo – “Is Underwater Love”


We begin

As water creatures,



I seek over and over

To reclaim this feeling,

This primordial birthright.

I have become suspended,


Waiting for further instructions

From somewhere within.

Am I destined

To surface

Or succumb?

261 of 365

René Magritte – “The Beneficial Promise” 1927


Even though it is my flesh

It doesn’t feel like it belongs to me

You will tell me a million sweet lies




When I give you what you want

You are grateful

At first

Then you think I give it up too easily

You get angry

Call me names

Forbid me from sharing my flesh with another

And I don’t

Because I fear he will be like you

259 of 365

Louise Bourgeois – “Beautiful Night” 2004


Fourteen minutes

I have to compose something worth reading in a mere 14 minutes

You forgive mediocrity when it’s brief, executed by an amateur

And that’s what I am

I write, but my whole heart isn’t in it

I don’t take it seriously, prioritize it

So it doesn’t grow as much as it should

It’s not as moving or profound as I’d like

But I DID make something today

And this it it